Taking a Look Back...

A Brief History

Originally known as the Reading Room, the Village Hall was built by the Moffatt family of Goodrich Court as a working men’s club. Mr Moffatt, an admirer of the Tudor period, directed that the Hall be built in that style.

In 1975 the late John Trafford, Mr Moffatt’s grandson, gifted the Hall to the village on condition that its outward appearance was retained. A Trust was established and with loans from both the Council and local residents, and numerous fundraising events an improvement grant was obtained.

During the following two years the main Godric Hall was added along with a kitchen and toilet facilities. The Hall was reopened in 1977.

In 1984 a complete refurbishment of the building was undertaken. The Billiards’ Room became the Committee Room and the Reading Room was renamed the Tudor Room. This was followed by a programme of work to improve the energy efficiency of the Hall.

The Energy Saving Project of 2011

It was decided that the Village Hall would only provide a viable Community venue if the costs of running it were reduced dramatically. Therefore a sub-committee was formed to try and secure funding and also raise money by putting forward various fund raising events. As ever the community responded and were very generous. Goodrich Village Hall is now an “Eco Hall” even though the building was built in 1888!

There is now a 4.32kwp ‘Photvoltaic’ Solar Array, capable of producing 3,456 kwh of electricity per year, and a 3 panel evacuated tube ‘Solar Thermal’ array capable of producing 2,500 kwh of energy per year.

We would like to thank the following organisations for grants received:

  • Double Glazing – Severn Waste Environmental Fund

  • Solar PV Panels – LCBP & CSEP

  • Solar Thermal Panels – LCBP & CSEP

  • Air Source Heat Pumps – LCBP & CSEP

  • Cavity Wall & Loft Insulation – LCBP & CSEP

  • Suspended Ceiling – Herefordshire ‘Grass Roots’ Fund

  • Insulated Wooden Floor – Lottery ‘Awards for All”