The Recruiting Officer


a bawdy Restoration comedy by the Irish playwright George Farquhar

at Goodrich CE Primary School Field, HR9 6HY

Friday 22ndJuly at 7.30pm

Gates open at 6.30pm for picnics

Please bring your own low-backed chairs


The story follows the mischief of crooked army recruiting officers, Captain Plume and Sergeant Kite, as they head to the county town of Shrewsbury to persuade men to take the Queen’s Shilling by any means, legal or otherwise!

Plume has set his cap at the richest heiress in town, the vivacious Sylvia, and their bumpy path to true love is mirrored  by their closest friends – nervy,  melancholy Worthy and haughty, comically self-important Melinda.  Help and hindrance come in equal measure from Captain Brazen, the foppiest of fops.

Be prepared for saucy shenanigans in an hilarious romp awash with deceit, passion, swordfights and surprises galore!

Sign up! Join the dashing Captain Plume and the devious Sergeant Kite on a rollercoaster ride in period costume for all the family.

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